Get Out On The Greenways

With everyone having a little more time on their hands there has been a big uptake in cycling. I’ve received a few messages asking where to go and recommendations. Heres a few pointers for cycling local or as a family.

Use the greenways, check out for a full list.

The Conswater Greenway links a lot of East Belfast. There is a cycle loop to Victoria Park, C.S. Lewis Square, Creagh road & Orangefeild Park. They are all hidden from sight while out driving. But a lot of ground can be covered and this can be implemend into your ” once a day exercicise’

These all link to the Combergreen way which is a great flat cycle

The Comber Greenway also passes the Billy Neil center. (Closed at this time due to COVID 19). There is a designated cycle track and pump track for the kids to play on. Ideal to test out that Mountain bike you have. Any bike will be ideal for these greenways. There is a tool station at C.S. Lewis square and Billy Neil. Get out for a spin.