Trek Top Fuel 9.8 First impressions

Trek Top Fuel 9.8 XT first impressions. Ive had a bout 3 hours on this bike so far. 1 hour tour with an alley key and the 2nd two hours at the Biking Blitz Dublin. Over all very impressed the bike dose what I wanted. Not the full XC bike that are stiff and very responsive, this bike has that with some forgiveness.

The big issue was the tyres, Bontrager XR3’s, changes out to Maxxis Ikon. Very impressed with the shimano 12 speed. Climbing under load thew changes are smooth. The rock shox twist lock to a bike of effort together set up but I got there in the end. 5 cables in total so I used heat shrink to make it a bit neater. I would have liked the lunch box compartment on this bike. Would have been very handy in comparisons to the saddle bag.

Keep an eye on the channel for more updates.