Xmas Stock

Some Xmas stock has now arrived. Limited numbers available. Concept Thunderbolt 6 Speed 18″ Wheel Boys Bicycle £189.00 Another new junior bike from the clever bike geeks at Insync. This one is a cool customer, designed for the boy bike rider who wants to try some offroad riding. It’s fitted with powerful front and rear… Read More Xmas Stock

Get Out On The Greenways

With everyone having a little more time on their hands there has been a big uptake in cycling. I’ve received a few messages asking where to go and recommendations. Heres a few pointers for cycling local or as a family. Use the greenways, check out nigreenways.com for a full list. The Conswater Greenway links a… Read More Get Out On The Greenways

There’s a cracking coming from my bike!!!

There’s a cracking coming from my bike when I pedal. ⠀⠀This means a bearing in the “bottom bracket” has broke. Due to wear, corrosion and lack of oil. ⠀⠀The solution is a new bearing fitted or a sealed unit fitted. Prices start for this repair from £20⠀⠀